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Africas Wild Year - Spring
Aflevering 1: Spring

Welcome springs arrival across Africa, and discover the life-giving gifts the season offers to the continents plant and animal life. Get a close-up look at animal families raising their young, and cel...

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Africas Wild Year - Summer
Aflevering 2: Summer

Journey thousands of miles and observe the extremes that summer brings to Africa, from droughts and famine in some locations to abundance and feasting in others. Discover how this season tests the lim...

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Africas Wild Year - Autumn
Aflevering 3: Autumn

Track autumn's arrival in Africa and the epic migrations it kicks off. Peer into nooks and crannies, where some creatures find one last romance before cooler weather descends, while others enjoy seaso...

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Africas Wild Year - Winter
Aflevering 4: Winter

Be an eyewitness to the death and resurrection that winter brings to Africa. Observe what comes with shorter days, from drought conditions to frigid winds, and marvel at the survival skills of animals...

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Over de serie

Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2021
Love Nature
Africas Wild Year


From teeming oceans to vast deserts and icy mountains, the journey through Africa's Wild Year is a tale of perseverance and courage in the face of adversity.

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