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Battle of the Alphas - Madagascar
Aflevering 1: Madagascar

Madagascar is home to strange animals not found anywhere else on Earth. When these animals fight for supremacy, their battles are just as strange -- from weird neck-wrestling weevils to ring tailed le...

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Battle of the Alphas - Australia
Aflevering 2: Australia

Australia is home to an eclectic array of creatures, and the ways to succeed as an alpha are just as diverse. The beach turns into a dueling ground, and the outback becomes a boxing ring, as animals f...

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Battle of the Alphas - Savanna
Aflevering 3: Savanna

The African savanna is an epic landscape, and whether its head-bashing hippos, hormone-crazed elephants or dueling lions, battles that rage on the savanna are just as epic.

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Battle of the Alphas - India
Aflevering 4: India

Welcome to India a land of exotic animals and exotic warfare. Monkeys stage dusty dust-ups, blackbucks wage open war on the open plains, and peacock dandies swing switchblades: these are colorful batt...

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Battle of the Alphas - Coastal Waters
Aflevering 5: Coastal Waters

Massive elephant seals go nose to nose to win the title of beachmaster and giant petrels earn the nickname, murderous garbagemen. Meanwhile, a female humpback goes to extremes to protect her calf from...

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Battle of the Alphas - Coastal Waters
Aflevering 6: Coastal Waters

Canada, where summer is short and time is tight any time is the right time to fight. The mighty North provides the setting for bison, bald eagles, and polar bears to wage some of the most heavy-duty ...

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Battle of the Alphas - South America
Aflevering 7: South America

From the Amazon to the Andes, South America has some beautiful scenery. From guanacos sparring over grassland, to marine iguanas head-butting over a beachhead, to home-stealing hermit crabs, the quest...

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Battle of the Alphas - Southeast Asia
Aflevering 8: Southeast Asia

With real-life dueling dragons, giant sumo-wrestling beetles, street-fighting monkeys, and sea turtles that play king of the hill on top of another sea turtle, Southeast Asia boasts a wide range of wi...

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Battle of the Alphas - USA
Aflevering 9: USA

The USA is big on flash and spectacle. Bighorn rams rattle the mountaintops. Brown bears battle, desperate to fatten up for winter. Sharp-tailed grouse shake their tail-feathers on the dance floor. Wi...

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Battle of the Alphas - Europe
Aflevering 10: Europe

From the Highlands to the Alps, Europes evocative landscapes are the backdrop for epic wildlife drama. Normally stoic red deer go wild during the rut. Wolf packs clash over territory, and foxes do the...

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Battle of the Alphas - South Africa
Aflevering 11: South Africa

Wildebeest battle for herd hierarchy, meerkats live the thug life, floppy fish fight it out on land and locusts give up their vegetarian ways in a frenzy of cannibalism. It all happens on the wild and...

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Battle of the Alphas - Sub Sahara
Aflevering 12: Sub Sahara

The latitudes south of the Sahara offer vastly different battlegrounds for a wide range of warriors. Male giraffes swing their heads like wrecking balls, zebras boast the most powerful kick in the ani...

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Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2021
Love Nature
Battle of the Alphas


Across the world animals compete with their own over resources, like food, mates, and territories. In the Battle of the Alphas, threats lurk from within.

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