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Big Cat Country - The Invasion Begins
Aflevering 1: The Invasion Begins

Meet the MK pride, led by two mighty males called the Punks, who are growing old. See younger members test their mettle as they face off with the all-male Nomad pride and the all-female Hollywood prid...

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Big Cat Country - Strength in Sisterhood
Aflevering 2: Strength in Sisterhood

Check on the Hollywood matriarch, Ava, who is brutally wounded. Can the pride recover and rally around her? Meanwhile, observe the stealthy, dangerous tactics the MK and Nomad prides employ to protect...

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Big Cat Country - Punks on the Run
Aflevering 3: Punks on the Run

Feel the tension ratchet up as the heat rises. Trail the Nomads on a rampage into the heart of the MK pridefs territory as they vie for control. Then see the recovered Ava lead the Hollywood pride, wh...

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Big Cat Country - The Punks Strike Back
Aflevering 4: The Punks Strike Back

Watch over precious MK cubs with the Punks, who are approaching the end of their reign but are still strong enough to drive back an interloper from the Nomad pride. Then see how the dry seasons drough...

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Big Cat Country - Hollywoods Held Hostage
Aflevering 5: Hollywoods Held Hostage

Hover near the water with the lions, who are really feeling the heat. Witness the recently subdued Nomads get more than they bargained for when they approach the all-female Hollywood pride. Then watch...

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Big Cat Country - The Next Dynasty
Aflevering 6: The Next Dynasty

Witness an explosive showdown between the all-female Hollywood pride and the Nomad brothers. Then check on Surabi, an MK female gored during a buffalo hunt, and Spotty, an MK cub whose fate hangs in t...

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Over de serie

Genres: Documentaire
Jaar: 2019
Love Nature
Big Cat Country


In two of Zambias most remote National Parks, the fight is on to save some of the countrys most iconic animals. In these two films, we join dedicated teams of vets, rangers and zoologists on the front line of conservation.

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